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  • Dr. Darren Wright, DVM

    Dr. Wright was born in Phoenix and moved to Gilbert back when it was still a small town. Raised on a small farm, he grew up around horses, cows, chickens, and, of course, dogs and cats. From a young age, he has had an interest in caring for animals and was always nursing a random young bird back to health. After graduating from Highland High School, Dr. Wright went on to attend Arizona State University where he graduated with honors. He attended Michigan State University for veterinary school and, after enough years in the snow, moved back home to sunny Arizona. He currently resides in Gilbert with his miniature pinscher, Lucy. Dr. Wright joined Kaibab Animal Hospital’s team of veterinarians in 2014. Dr. Wright has an interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, anesthesia, geriatric medicine, and pain management.

  • Dr.
    Lynn Wildflower, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Wildflower attended Michigan State University as an undergraduate then lived in Germany with her family before returning to MSU for veterinary school. She graduated over two decades ago and has worked in a variety of locations including the Midwest and Colorado before settling in Arizona. She is currently working on becoming certified as a feline specialist. When she is not working Dr. Wildflower enjoys spending time with her cats, reading, and walking her dogs.

  • Katie Lebowitz

    This is our practice manager Katie Lebowitz. She has been in the veterinary industry since 2003. She went to ASU and has degrees in Wildlife Biology and General Education. She has always loved animals and science and decided that veterinary medicine would be the perfect mix of the two. Katie has been a part of the Kaibab Animal Hospital team since July 2012. She loves interesting cases that stimulate her to think outside the box and she loves having Max and Benny around to lighten the mood. Katie has mostly rescued animals including 3 dogs, a blind cat, and a snake. When she is not at work she enjoys wakeboarding, working out, reading, cooking, watching the NY Giants, and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Kim Stewart, Vet Technician

    This is our technician Kimberly Stewart. She has been a technician for about 7 years. She has always loved animals and as a little girl she loved taking care of her dog and her puppies. Her favorite part of her job is all of the gross skin conditions. She loves the abscesses and anything that oozes. She has been part of the Kaibab Animal Hospital team since 9/23/2011. The thing she loves the most about working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is the fun and laughing we all do together. Her favorite memory here was getting called in for an emergency surgery when a dog had eaten a sock. He did very well after the surgery and is now a happy healthy puppy that only comes in for wellness visits and vaccines. She has 3 animals of her own. Princess Pepper Frybread, an 11 month old Aussie mix, was a Christmas present from her cousin. Bataz-Maru, a 4 year old domestic shorthair, was a birthday gift from her aunt. Sparticus, a 4 year old Jack Russell mix, was found limping on 3 legs on the road near her house. She loves to paint, cook, travel, watching movies, and Hello Kitty.

  • Elena Gutierrez, Veterinary Technician

    Elana has been a veterinary technician for 10 years. She saw a commercial for a vet tech school and decided she wanted to try it. She loves animals and grew up wanting to be a vet. Her favorite part of being a technician is the puppies and kittens and watching sick pets get well. Elana has 2 pets of her own. One cat named Shadow who is now 15 that she has raised since birth. She also has a dog named Rio who is a great companion to her. She has been a part of the Kaibab Animal Hospital team since February 2015. Her favorite part of working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is her co-workers. Her favorite memory from work was watching a litter of puppies grow up from birth to 6 weeks (Thanks Aurora!). She likes to hike, swim, and catch up on her favorite TV shows. Her favorite pass time when she isn’t at work is going to the movies.

  • Marlana Kucherer, Veterinary Assistant

    This is our veterinary assistant Marlana Kucherer. She has been a veterinary assistant since September, 2013. She had become disenchanted with her old job and decided to go back to school and begin a new vocation. Her favorite part of her job is being around animals all day and making a difference. She has been a part of the Kaibab Animal Hospital team since May, 2014. The thing she loves the most about working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is the enjoyable atmosphere, great clientele, and Max and Benny. She is improving and learning new stuff daily and is looking forward to becoming a certified technician next year. She has two feline children. Mrs. “Trey” McDougal, an 8.5 year old, delicate princess and Baxter, a 4.5 year old, who loves pestering his big sister. Her favorite pass times when she isn’t at work include traveling, painting, and binge watching HBO series.

  • Jerel Lowe,
    Client Service Representative

    Jerel Lowe has been a Client Service Representative at Kaibab Animal Hospital since December of 2015. He is currently attending Penn Foster and studying to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. His favorite part about working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is when he sees a sick pup come into the clinic, and eventually gets to see them come back in full health. Jerel was originally born in Arizona, and traveled back and forth between Arizona and Arkansas as a child. He eventually I ended up staying in Arizona. Jerel first became interested in the veterinary field as a young kid on his father’s ranch in Arkansas. He would see the Veterinarian come out and check up on his herd. He told the Veterinarian that he wanted to do what the doctor did when he grew up. Jerel has a snake named Leonidas who pretty much just eats and sleeps. He also has three dogs Tantor, Avior, and Pavo. They are the three best friends that anyone could have. He has a cockatoo named Molly who is the biggest diva of all time. Finally, he has a cat named Sputnik who spends most of her time outside hunting birds and other creatures. Jerel is really into learning to teach dogs tricks and learning new things. He loves reading and has been playing piano for three years now.

  • Mallory Avina
    Veterinary Technician

    Mallory has been a Veterinary Technician at Kaibab Animal Hospital since the middle of March 2017. She is an Arizona native and graduated from Anthem College in 2012. She loves working at Kaibab Animal Hospital because she gets to help animals and their owners in their time of need. Mallory became interested in working in the veterinary industry after going with her sister to adopt her first dog. She did some research in the industry and decided she wanted to become a technician so she could make a difference for people’s pets. Mallory has an 8 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua mix named Wink. She got wink when he was 8 weeks old. He loves to play and cuddle. Mallory also has a 7 and a half year old dog named Wybie. She adopted him about 4 or 5 years ago when she was working at an emergency animal hospital. He had been hit by a car and had to have both of his eyes removed. He is very brave and also loves to cuddle. In Mallory’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends, family, and her pets.

  • Alisha Aikin
    Veterinary Technician

    Alisha Akin has been a veterinary technician at Kaibab Animal Hospital since the beginning of April 2017. Alisha is an Arizona native. She got her certificate of completion as a veterinary technician from Pima Medical Institute in May 2012 and is now going to Arizona State University for her Bachelors of Social Work. She got into the veterinary industry because from a young age she always loved helping people and animals. Her high school offered veterinary technician classes and she jumped at the opportunity. She finds it really rewarding at Kaibab Animal Hospital because she gets to help both animals and their owners at their times of need. Alisha has two dogs at home. Bear is a 3 year old Rottweiler who loves to cuddle and play ball. Kona is a 6 month old boxer mix who loves her buddies and walking in the park. She loves singing karaoke and country dancing.

  • Ashlee Taylor
    Veterinary Technician

    Ashlee Taylor is a Veterinary Technician at Kaibab Animal Hospital since September of 2017. She went to Pima Medical Institute and graduated in 2010. Her favorite part of working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is getting to work with the doctors to figure out what is wrong with sick patients then helping them to get better.. Ashlee is an Arizona native and just moved from Phoenix to Tempe. She grew up with all kinds of animals like frogs and birds and knew that eventually she wanted to work with animals. Her hobbies include going hiking, exploring the city, and trying new foods. Ashlee has three dogs. Dayzie is a 6 year old pitbull that she has had since he was 9 weeks old. He is her hiking partner, loves to play fetch, and is very sweet. Snoopy is a 7 year old pitbull that she has had since he was 8 weeks old. He is a big clumsy couch potato that loves to snuggle. Angus is a 4 year old cattle dog mix that isn’t very smart and he loves to cuddle also.

  • Max and Benny

    Max and Benny are the Kaibab Mascots. Max came in as a stray in 2007 and Benny came in as a stray in 2011. Their hobbies include bird watching, napping, eating, and grooming each other. They work hard every day greeting people and making everyone smile.

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